Titus Andronicus (T.A.-6)

(CM235: 34 cues) Note: ‘*Fortune my foe sung to the old ballad of “Titus Andronicus’ complaint” DO 397-400 quotes the ballad text in this setting, melody and 29 verses. (cf Seng p. 261); ۞DO ii 66 (182) 322
CM235: suggests that due to the bloody nature of this play, in many instances where flourishes would naturally be expected, they be omitted. Nor does he consider that there is any place for songs in the play,
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I i 0 {Flourish} Enter…{with drummer and colours}
63, 69, 149 {Flourish}; Sound drums and trumpets; {Flourish} Then sound trumpets
234, 275 {A long flourish}; [Proclaim our honours, lords, with trump and drum.]
{Flourish} [*Dumb show] LH36 no music intended
388, 395, 491 […step out of these dreary *dumps–]; {Flourish}; {Flourish}
II i 70 [This *discord’s *ground, the music would not please.]
ii 0 Enter… making a noise with hounds and horns
1, 5-6 [The *hunt is up…and ring a hunter’s peal, That all the court may echo with the noise.]
10 ..wind horns in a peal LH282: App 6 (1576) TURBERVILLE Old French hunting fanfare N&177, 203 323
iii 12 [The birds chant melody on every bush]
17-18 [And, whilst the babbling echo mocks the hounds, Replying shrilly to the well-0 tuned horns, As if a double hunt were heard at once,]
22 [The wand’ring Prince and Dido] DO321 ‘Aeneas, wandering Prince of Troy’ (‘Queen Dido’) ballad 23 verses (1564) (37 i) 324
27-29 [Whiles hounds and horns and sweet melodious birds Be unto us as is a nurse’s song Of lullaby to bring her babe asleep]
60-65 [Saucy controller of my private steps, Had I the power that some say Dian had, Thy temples should be planted presently With horns, as was Actaeon’s…]
a) DO122-4 ‘The Goddess Diana’ set to ‘The New Rogero’; ۞DO ii 13 i (120c) 325
b) DO124-6 ‘The history of Diana and Acteon’ with added text from a broardside (publ. 1624) ‘Diana and her darlings’; ۞DO ii 13 ii set to ‘Quarter braules’ Phalèse 1549/ 1566 ‘Caterbralles‘ or ‘Quarter braules’; Susato version à 4 SU i 28 ‘Les quatre bransles’; bqSUj2; rS/A/T + g RD24; lute (Th 412)/ WH p.159; ۞BroP20/ ۞Ci 23/ ۞EmR2/ ۞Mh8/ ۞YC13; setting by Augustin BASSANO rAT b-cornett, sackbut, rAT + b-curtal ۞YM 15
iv 44-50 [O, had the monster seen those lily hands Tremble like aspen leaves upon a lute And make the silken strings delight to kiss them, He would not then have touched them for his life. Or had he heard the heavenly harmony Which that sweet tongue hath made He would have dropped his knife and fell asleep,]
III ii 0 Hautboys sound LH37: 1599 MORLEY M23 Lord Zouche’s maske (225a) 326
62-5 [buzz lamenting dirges in the air! Poor harmless fly, That, with his pretty buzzing melody, Came here to make us merry, and thou hast killed him!]
V iii 15 Flourish [The trumpets show the emperor is at hand]
26 {Hautboys} [and trumpets sound *processional march] (LH37) {both instruments} used in Elizabethan state banquets
79-84 [Speak…he did discourse to Dido’s attending ear] DO321-5 ‘Queen Dido’ (37i, ii, 324) 327

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