Measure for Measure (MfM-2)

Adapted by Thomas Middleton (CM137: 23 cues). AS2 App2: pp 201-3 The songs, by F.W. Sternfeld. See also David Lindley on the provoking power of music CDw79-80 and 83

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II i 268 [It grieves me for the death of Claudio] DO281-3 ‘O death, rock me asleep’ lute song Melody and words (56a) 164
IV i 1-6 Mariana {discovered} with a Boy singing. B276 either accompanying himself, or played by Mariana.
[45]. TAKE, O TAKE THOSE LIPS AWAY [original tune later used by John WILSON given in CU 1]. †NC88-91 Duthie discusses provenance of text of the lute song probably intended for Fletcher’s ‘Rollo, Duke of Normandy: The Bloody Brother’ c1617. See also ME207-9 on the song’s significance in the play MJ 59. Seng 184 suggests the song may be a Jacobean interpolation as noted in the commentary by David Lindley CDw 79-80 165
a) H + acc. CU 1/ St 10/ AS (1965/1998) 201-3 App. II transcription by F. J. Sternfeld;. OS (1991) 239 ed. by John Caldwell/ in English songs, 1625-1660’ ed. by Ian Spink MB xxxiii 21 [Gooch 8016]/ HH1/ G123/ MA14/ VH14; ۞Am8/ ۞BaS5/ ۞BoEs 1b/ ۞BroS34/ ۞CamS20/ ۞DeC2/ ۞DeS1/ ۞Eh6/ ۞Ge23/ ۞Lg20; ۞MgM7/ ۞PaH12; ۞Ph24/ ۞St5; + rSATB CM138-9; rSA Z2.
b) uDO378-9 set to ‘When griping grief’; ۞DO i 54 (282)
7 [Break off thy song, and haste thee quick away:]
10-15 [I cry you mercy, sir, and well could wish You had not found me here so musical…/ ’Tis good; though music oft hath such a charm To make bad good, and good provoke to harm]. Auden singles out Mariana’s fondness for melancholy music (AL192); see also Seng p. 84 and Lindley CDw80
v 9 […bid them bring the trumpets to the gate]
vi 13 [Twice have the trumpets sounded.]

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