Henry VI part 3 (3H6-4)

(CM95-6: 89 cues)

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I i 0; 49 Alarum. Enter…{with drummers}; Flourish;
206; 273 Sennet; Flourish
ii 68-9 A *march sounds afar off. [I hear their drums]
iii 0 Alarums: [Excursions].
iv 0; 22 Alarum; A short alarum within;
91-2 [And I…stamp, rave and fret, that I may sing and dance.]
181 Flourish
II i 0; 94 A march; Enter {with a drummer…}; March Enter…{with drummers…}
ii 0; 80 Flourish. Eneter with a drummer and trumpeters; March;
150-1 [His father *revelled in the heart of France]
177 {Flourish. March}
iii; iv 0 Alarum. Excursions; {Alarums}.Excursions
v 0; 54; 124 Alarum; Alarum; Alarum: Alarum. Excursions
{1-123} (B243) *supernatural music to accompany this symbolic scene; 85
sequence ends with a *dead march, e.g. ARBEAU a march in slow time to soft shrilling of flutes or oboe: ARe 40-3 fife and drum in 3rd (Phrygian) mode (14)
vi 0; 30 A loud alarum; Alarm and retreat
III i 59 [Ay, but thou talk’st as if thou wert a king] DO271-3 ‘My mind to me a kingdom is’ set to ‘In Crete’: ۞DO ii 42 86 (210)
iii 0; 161 Flourish; Post blowing a horn within.
IV i 6 Flourish
iii 27 Drums beating, and Trumpets sounding.
47-48 [Then for his mind, be England, England’s king] ‘My mind to me a kingdom is’ set to ‘In Crete’ DO271-3; 87
iv 0 With the drummer playing and trumpeter sounding, enter…
21-2 [Drummer. strike up, and let us march away]
vii 0 Flourish
10-15 [I’ll well requite thy kindness, For that it made my imprisonment a pleasure– Ay, such a pleasure as encaged birds Conceive, when, after many moody thoughts, At last by notes of household harmony They quite forget their loss of liberty]
viii 39; 50 March. Enter…with a drummer…; …The drummer begins to sound a march
ix 0 Flourish
V i 10; 15 A March afar off; Flourish
16 [Go, trumpet, to the walls, and sound a parley]. {Sound a parley}
57; 66; 71;75 Enter…with a drummer …
81 {To a trumpeter} [A parley, sirra,] Sound a parley
116 March
ii 0 Alarums and excursions.
iii 0; 24 Flourish; {Flourish. March}
iv 0; 66; 82 Flourish. March [with drum]; Flourish and march; Alarum, retreat, excursions
v 0 Flourish
vi 18-23 [what a peevish fool was that of Crete…] DO215-7 set to ‘In Crete’ 88 (210)
vii 0 Flourish
7-8; 46 {Two braver men; Ne’er spurred their courses at the trumpet’s sound; {Flourish}

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